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Best Real Estate Mendocino Coast Blog; updated 1-8-13

January 8, 2013

It's a beautiful day today. Manzanita bells. Towhee. Quail. Sun, no clouds in sight.

It's been a fair while since last post - More than ever to be happy about, regardless of a real estate market very much driven by foreclosures, politely known as REO (Real Estate Owned - by faceless, far away, financial products companies; probably fraudently loaned on and thence further fraudently traded, assigned and so on) and other distressed property being let go of by occupants or sellers that have different-than-real-estate needs and issues. A fantastic time to buy save that often one is dealing with faceless far away corporations that have no interest in living beings generally; it's all about the money. Good luck to all of us.

Intend to address our Mendocino County Board of Supervisors and ask several things of them, on behalf of myself and other citizens: 1) Dump Bank of Amrica and use the services of a local, locally owned bank, Savings bank of Mendocino County. 2) Immediately cease any forclosure proceedings initiated by non-local banks, loan servicers or corporations; take possession of "distressed" properties on behalf of the debtors-in-possession and the people of the County of Mendocino, by Eminent Domain, and to hold, in trust, those properties on behalf of the debtor-in-possession and the people of the County of Mendocino and purchased, if so wished, by the debtor-in-possession at Federal Reseve lowest interest rates (like the rate Bailed-Out member banks still lending at usurious rates get, 1/4 percent maybe, before they in turn lend out), at current market value less any equity, principal, interest and penalty payments debtor-in-possession may have previously made to out-of-area and most probably fraudulently vested title holder... Everybody wins... taxpayers, owners, County... except the Banksters, and they already stole from us to win. My bet is most lenders today cannot produce a valid, recorded, legal chain of title or security interest in or for practically any existing mortage - Your thoughts?

Meanwhile, like my neighbor up the street says, "Plant LOTS of vegetables"...

Working with several cash buyers looking for oceanfront with small boat access; large (150 acres plus) parcels with ocean view or frontage; 5 acres or more with 2 homes, ideally on more than one parcel, sun, rural. Call if you have anything like this available.

Meanwhile, the quality of life here is, to the best of my knowledge, as good as it gets. My sincere deepest wish is that it's like that for you wherever you may be; and like that for all your loved ones. Love and happiness.

August 7, 2011

It's been a fair summer. Fair weather that is; fog lingering only of late, over the past two weeks or so. First huckleberries appearing ripe; punch-packing wild blackberries best served, consumed really, warm in the sun right off the bramble. Lots of happy hummingbirds.

More home sales lately, again, as the prices are dropping. Lotsa repo's, shortsales and distress a la mortgage contributing to lower prices and "affordable" purchases for cash or loan-qualified buyers. Multiple bids on the really well-priced or seller motivated sales.

Nature's bounty really shows up here this time of year. Great berries, fruit, vegetables, vine crops. Cucumbers have been really good recently. Support your local famers and farmer's markets. Nothing like the taste of today-fresh produce.

Wishes for your durable happiness, contentment, and peace of mind. Equanimity, yes!

March 2, 2011

So. Have done some thinking about any number of real estate related things (everything's connected?) and you're thinking, well it's about time ain't it. Go to work already.

The bubble has WAY WAY WAY popped here, despite what some (now increasingly wishful) sellers think. For example, a home that was recently forclosed on and then came back on the market for sale by the bank at $329,500 had sold for $750,000 in June of 2005 at practically the height of the market. Had pulse, got loan. Bought today, sold tomorrow and made beaucoup bucks. Man, it was fat for not only myself but plenty of other agents, buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, title companies and so on. Now it seems it's only the bankers that are making bank. Did you get your Bailout check? Someone expressed to me that the Bailout moneys could have paid off EVERY mortgage in the U.S. but no, the money went to the banks... True? Good question. Coincidentally, the local real estate broker that's way in with the banks has sold TONS of local properties here over the past year and a half, nearly ALL FORECLOSURES. Crime? Sad? Good? Bad? How could it be fun to lose your home, especially if you only own(ed) one...?

Buyers are all looking for distress sales, it seems, or those properties that seem below market or you just can't lose on, if you have either the credit or cash to make a buy. Have had a couple of deliberate buyers hesitate slightly and then see the subject property get away as the price of the distress sale brought in other very motivated and apparently more aggressive buyers. No time like the present. It's a great time to buy.

Enjoy life. Take a few deep breaths, look around. Now is good. Are you where you want to be? This is it, every precious minute. Often I think I've got time, and it just ain't so. I know I have plenty of room for improvement and lord knows I'd love to put it off and I'm thinkin'...

"What happens if I die before I get all this stuff together, sorted out, given away, taken to the recycling center, dump, goodwill and so on. Did I love well? Did I love at all? Have I really lived? Will my loved ones find happiness? Closing thoughts?....."

Love and happiness. For yesterday, today, tomorrow; right now, forever.

Please Return to (your real, not virtual) Life Soon

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